Our domain

The full impression of our kitchen. Luxurious ingredients handled with respect and confidence. Timeless flavors elegantly interpreted with a seasonal touch. Consists of 15 servings.

Our foundation

A comprehensive insight into our kitchen. A balanced composition of the most stylish servings from Our Domain. Consists of 10 servings and can be ordered on Thursday and Friday.


Upgrade the menu with our caviar serving
(10g GASTROunika Osietra).

Contact us by email for booking parties of more than 8 people

For parties of more than 12 people - see our party menu.


Wine pairing

Our wine pairing presents a wide range of different wines from all over the world, free of any dogma. We love classic wines, rooted in european cultural history, and we love to be inspired by innovative winemakers, who dare to break with conventions, in order to discover novel paths to beautiful flavours, whereever in the world they might be. The important thing is always that the wines taste well and pairs perfectly with the dish.

For Our domain - 1,400
For Our doundation - 1,000

Champagne upgrade - 150

See our wine list here

Non-alcoholic pairing

A non-alcoholic beverage pairing that combines good produce and products with our own creativity and craft. A variation of juice, tea and infusions tailored to each dish.

For Our domain - 700
For Our foundation - 500

After dinner

Coffee or tea

We serve balanced and elegant black coffee and pure teas of the highest quality. We brew both carefully to achieve a balanced extraction. Therefore, we recommend that no milk og sugar is added, to get the full experience of flavours.

Included in the price is accompanying petit fours. Both can be ordered separately as well.



We offer a classic selection of premium spirits and fortified wines in most categories, with a special focus on danish products.

Prices from 75 - 950


Our beer is selected from several danish breweries, to provide something to suit every palate, whether you like it sour, sweet or bitter.

Prices from 75 - 175


We have a small selection of carefully chosen drinks. A combination of evergreen classics and our own creations, both with and without alcohol.

Prices from 120 - 160